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The 75th Busselton, March Open Tennis Tournament 

Held over 3 days from 2 to 4 March, 2024

With - 327 men and women playing 627 matches


Some Winners - 

Mens Singles             Julian Terrade  defeated  Brendan Jones   6/1  7/5

Ladies Singles           Lucille Miller     defeated   Monica  Randall  in thee sets


Local successes      Yves  Derouche & Georgio Delsanto - won a division in the mens the over40s

                                   Grace Bassett & Leonie Don - won a division in the womens  over 40s

                                   Georgio Delsanto & Taryn Sullivan - r/u  in the over 40s mixed doubles.


None of this could have happened without

         The dedicated and expert work of James, Amanda, Jamie and Henry McGregor, who ran the event faultlessly.

         The dedicated work of over 30 volunteers

              In the kitchen - with Wendy and Merryl leading

              On the courts - with Chris and the A Team

              Around the club house under Dennis and the B Team

              At the Bar - with Ken, Wayne and others


The Tournament provided the club with great income and further enhanced our image - for the efficiency, the friendliness, the courts and the outcomes.


AND - none of that was possible without our great SPONSORS - The City, Sandy Bay and Mandalay; and many more. 

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