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The COVID scenario in Australia is an ever-evolving situation, and as a result, it is necessary for the Club to adapt to current circumstances to ensure the health and safety of all members, including participating and non-participating visitors to the Club.

This Management Policy prescribes how the Busselton Tennis Club intends to manage the Club’s facilities, organised tennis, and tennis tournaments to ensure that the Club remains in compliance with the current Health Orders prevailing on the day.

Date Policy approved:

4 February 2022

Date Policy was last reviewed:

President of Busselton Tennis Club:

Maureen McDaniell



1)   Purpose of Policy:

Not only does the Busselton Tennis Club (BTC) have a duty of care to protect its members and all visitors to its premises, the Club also has a duty of care to manage its day to day business in a manner that does not impact on the surrounding environment or community.

In addition, there are specific requirements under the “Emergency Management Act 2005 (WA)”, in particular the “Proof of Vaccination Directions (No.2)” that the Club must comply with when dealing with any organised event, including both social and designated tennis tournaments.

In this regard, the Club then has a mandatory position to ensure not only regulatory compliance, but in addition, a mandatory position to provide and implement a policy that ensures a safe and healthy pathway during any activity for all members and visitors to the Club.

The policy contained herewith is required to ensure that all members of the Club understand the manner in which Club intends to maintain good risk management procedures during the current COVID pandemic.


2)   Definitions:

  • “COVID Vaccinated” means a person who has had at least two doses of a COVID vaccine that has been approved by the Government.

  • The “Club’s premises” means that area encompassed by all external boundary fences, which includes the clubhouse and all hard and grass courts.

  • “People”, or a “person”, means all members, visitors (including participating and non-participating), trade persons, members of other community groups, and public individuals.

  • “Commencement Date means” 6pm, 5 February 2022, the date when this Policy comes into effect

  • “Proof of vaccination” or “evidence of vaccination” means confirmation via the presentation of an “Australian Government COVID 19 Certificate” by one of those methods as being acceptable and mandated by the WA Government at the time.

  • Medical Exemption” and “exempt person” means a person in respect of whom a medical exemption is recorded on the “Australian Immunisation Register” in relation to the person and is displayed on the person’s “Immunisation History Statement”.


  • BTC COVID Safety Plan means the overall plan being actively implemented to mitigate transmission of COVID in line with the best health advice available.

3)   Information:

As from 6pm Saturday 5 February 2022, all people entering, or intending to enter, the premises of the Busselton Tennis Club must comply with the relevant Public Health Orders that prevail at the time of entry, and in addition, shall comply with the following directives:

3.1          Any person, other than an “Exempt person” or a person under the age of 16 years, entering the premises of the Club for an organised event shall be COVID vaccinated and comply with all conditions that the Management of the Club may see fit to implement to ensure a safe venue and compliance with all “Government Public Health Orders” that might prevail at that time.

3.2          All persons entering, or intending to enter the premises of the Club, register for an organised tennis event may, or may not, be asked for evidence of their vaccination or exemption status.

However, the Club may appoint “COVID Marshalls” who may ask any person to show proof of their current vaccination status. If that person is unable, or unwilling, to provide evidence of their vaccination status at the time then that person will be asked to leave the Club’s premises.

3.3          People hiring the courts, and /or members use of courts outside of organised event times, shall not be required to be vaccinated, but must comply with all mandated Public Health Orders prevailing at the time, and in addition, comply with all directives given by the Club at the time, for example where to enter the premises and use of facilities.

4.   Evidence of Vaccination:

4.1          The Club may keep a list of those people who consent to allowing the Club to retain evidence of their vaccination status.

Any such evidence shall be securely stored and managed in accordance with the Management Committee’s privacy directive.

4.2 The Management of the Club may, or may not, provide some form of obvious identification to vaccinated patrons at a point of entry (for example wristband, stamp, card etc)

5.   Obligation to be Vaccinated:

5.1          The obligation to be vaccinated and to provide evidence of that vaccination rests on the individual and not on the Busselton Tennis Club.

6.   Consequences of Non-compliance with this Policy:

6.1          Any grievance in regard to this policy shall be addressed in accordance with the Club’s Constitution.

6.2          The Club reserves the right to interpret the Regulatory Directives and Public Health Orders.

7.   BTC COVID Safety Plan:

7.1          This Policy will be reflected in the relevant sections of the BTC COVID Safety Plan at the time.

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